The Magician’s Hat Activities

The Magician’s Hat Activities

In the Magician’s Hat by Malcolm Mitchell, children follow the adventures of a magician named David who realizes that the real magic can be found within books. Enjoy this adventure with your child, then check out the accompanying book based activities below.

The Magician's Hat Activities

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These activities designed around The Magician’s Hat are a great way to keep the magic, and the learning going long after the book is closed. Here is how to get started.

Craft Activity

Activity #1: Magic Wand Craft for Kids

Let kids create their own magic when they craft this magic wand.

Supplies needed:
craft paper
– craft ribbon
woodcraft stick
– scissors
– craft glue

1. Cut a star shape out of the craft paper. You can choose any color you wish.

2. Glue the star to the end of the craft stick. Allow drying.

3. Flip the wand over and glue some ribbon segments to the back of the star. Use your scissors to curl the ribbon if you wish.

4. You can now add any extra embellishments you wish. Consider stickers, stamps, or glitter.

5. Kids can now use their magic wand to create their own magic, or, use it as a bookmark!

Research & Writing Activities

Activity #2: Why are Books Magical? A writing prompt

In this activity, kids will discuss then write about the power of books and how they can transform our lives and heighten our imagination.

Supplies needed:
– notebook paper
– pen

1. Begin by creating a group list based on the reasons why books are “magical.” Give some examples to get the conversation started. Some examples may include books that explore imaginary lands, imaginary creatures, characters can have superpowers, etc.

2. Allow children a few minutes to think about how books have added magic to their lives. What places have they been able to “visit” that they’ve never been to before? Which people have been able to “meet” that they’ve never met before?

3. Allow for 15-20 minutes where kids can journal about how books have had a magical impact on their lives.

4. When you are done journaling, allow for time to share and discuss.

Activity #3: Author Study

Malcolm Mitchell is a former American football wide receiver turned author and poet. Use this opportunity to study the author and learn more about him and what inspires him.

Supplies needed:
poster board
– markers
– internet access

1. Begin by going on a hunt for facts and information about Malcolm Mitchell. Use the internet or your local library to find facts about his age, birthplace, football career, and books he has authored.

2. Write 5-7 facts about the author on your poster board. Create an informational center using the board, creating an area of compiled facts, photos, and stats.

3. Write a letter to the author. If you could ask him any question, what would it be? Write a letter to the author asking him questions about what inspired him to write, what he enjoys about writing or any other upcoming projects.

4. Discuss your letters and questions as a collective group.

As you can see, The Magician’s Hat is truly a magical learning adventure for kids. Give this book a read with your child then give these book-based crafts and activities a try!

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